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I've recently started trying new things. I've seen this old port town burnt to the ground and rebuilt, so I figured I could go for a change too. They say variety is the spice of life, after all. Chili peppers, on the other hand, are the spice of steaks.
Oh hi there. If you're going to be in Ebonhawke anytime soon, you should have some steak. You know what they say about Ebonhawke, right? Everything's just a little bit better in Ebonhawke. The weather's clearer, the humans are friendlier, and the flank steaks are just a little bit spicier. What? That's not true at all? Well the weather's nice at least.
Regular steaks are too mild for me. I don't see why anyone would bother with anything that doesn't set their mouth on fire. That's the way I like it. Come by the Reach if you think you can handle the heat.
Oh, I'm not really into spicy food. Just a nice, mild, Fire Flank Steak would be fine with me. That way I can share it with my friends, if they'd just hold still for one minute. They never want to join me for a meal, like they think I'm gonna bite them or soemthing. They're always running about, chattering and jumping around the lava flow. Don't they know that's dangerous?
The living world episode "Rising Flames" is required for this cat.
My friends think they're tough because they like spicy food. Hah, don't make me laugh. I live on a volcano and eat ghost peppers for breakfast. Straight up. How many ghost peppers can you eat? I don't see why Ringmaster Ivy is so caught up on her precious Sloth Queen. Eating fire isn't such a big deal.
The living world episode "Rising Flames" is required for this cat.
Mmm, it's warm out today, don't you think? Or, I guess it's probably always warm here, being a desert or the like. I only just got here, but I'm already craving something cool. Like a sorbet. This human said he knew a recipe that he'd share for some geodes, but alas, I am only a cat, and I can't be bothered.
I scream. You scream. We all scream... when a crazed plant-person sets off explosives on the airship sending the burning remains of our vessel hurtling down to the mercy of the sandstorm below. And all I wanted was something with ginger and lime.
So I'm here helping the Pact get a foothold in the Silverwastes, when I'm struck with a sudden realization that changes everything. Did you know they make ice cream with saffron and mango? I mean, wow, what a life-changing combination, right? Nothing will ever be the same.
Go team! Fight that Vinewrath. Yeah, you get that overgrown houseplant! What? I'm here for support, see? But while you're up, do you think you could get me some more ice cream? Oh, I can't decide between raspberry or peach... Such a difficult life I lead.
Some cats like grilled poultry, but I'm fine with it raw, you know? Like, right off of the bird, almost still breathing. There's mostly rats in Beetletun though, which are maybe a little less appetizing.
I'm not sure how some cats can stand to just eat raw, unprepared food. Once you've had something prepared by a real chef, there's just no going back to scrounging scraps and vermin. I know they're grilling some poultry at the Lion's Shadow Inn. I can smell it. I must have it.
My friend and I take turns hunting for food in the Grove. I like to look for food around the Dreamer's Terrace. There's often small birds around, and sometimes a friendly sylvari will give a bit of poultry. It's hard work, and can take all day, but I can only imagine how hard my friend has to work to get food.
I've been hanging out at Caithe's house hoping she'll give me a bird or something. I know it's a bit late, but I'm hopeful. The problem is, you never know whether that sylvari is home or not, because she's so sneaky. Oh well. I'll wait all night if I have to.
So I may have stolen some uh... yarn, and I need to disappear, if you know what I mean. I know a guy north of Arca Lake in Harathi Hinterlands who collects feathers. I really need someone to shadowstep over there and get those for me. He's a skritt, so bring shinies. I'll be here by the entrance to the Citadel, but try not to draw too much attention.
Cake cake cake! If cake was an attunement, I'd want to overload cake! What's the best color of cake? I can't decide. I just want to eat all of them! I'm told that city people just sell cake on the side of the road. I'm by the side of the road! Aw, but nobody sells cake in Astorea. Or anywhere in Caledon Forest. And it's my birthday todady...
I found this frog in Rime's Garden outside the Grove, but I'm no beast master. Maybe a beast novice? No, that doesn't make any sense. Anyways, I could use some seeds that are, let's say, difficult to get. My friend Chief Cherpa said he had one, but he's probably still over by the spooky swamps in the Gendarran Fields with his partner Denton. I'd go myself, but I've gotta keep an eye on this little guy.
Could you point me towards the League Vendor? I'm having a hard time seeing him. I've heard there's a vegetable that can help with my eyesight. I mean I can see, of course. The vegetables are for a friend. The blindfold is just for show, you know? You do know, right? But if you could get me some of those vegetables... like a bunch of them, I'd appreciate it.
I've been working with machines for a while now, so I've started to experiment with some less conventional materials. I want to use Pumpkin Oil in my newest invention, but these charr outside the Black Citadel are making me unsure. Maybe if you have any kind of technical ability, you could help me out with this.
Did somebody tell you it was my birthday? Well it is, but I'm stuck here watching norns throw axes at the Snowlord's Gate. If you want to give me something, I wouldn't say no to a Flesh Golem. I'm super into that sort of thing, you know. If not that, then I guess you could just give me grumbles. Like, the physical embodiment of grumbles.
So I've been waiting next to the entrance of Rata Sum for quite a while now. You might say I'm guarding it. Like a guardian? No? Look, I just want some Curry Mussel Soup, ok? Is that so hard? Yes? There's just no pleasing you. Fine, you can get the recipe from Dragon's Stand or the Heroics Notary in WvW if you have high enough Provisions Master-y.
You know what gets my adrenaline running? Cheeseburgers. They just get me really pumped up, ok? If you've got a problem with it, you can fight me. I'll be at the bridge over the road into Divinity's Reach. You pick the weapons.
Long ago, I used to open some Black Lion chests, and I'd get those blue tonics, like, the good ones, ya know? Real mystery stuff. I haven't had one in...too long. If you know how to get your hands on one, I'll be at the house by the city. Don't come by unless you can impress me with some serious illusions.
A hundred and sixty something years ago, my family found this den. It seemed like a nice place, up in the mountains, with a scenic view. Then something happened, and everything got cold. Like really cold. We've been frozen in this cave ever since. Enter at your own risk, but please, find some way to melt this ice.
The living world episode "A Crack in the Ice" is required for this cat.
Hey, do you think I could borrow a frog for a second? I've seen frogs south of Lion's Arch, but I need a masterwork one, for... purposes. I promise I'll give it right back. I've gotta pick up a few other things, so summon me (or have a friend summon me) with an enchanted broom once you have the frog. Got it?
The living world episode "The Head of the Snake" is required for this cat.
Lady Wisteria Whiskington has nothing to say to you. Also, there are no confirmed side-effects of bloodstone consumption, so if you have any concerns, please file an official complaint to the office of Legate Minister Lord Caudecus Beetlestone the Wise. I'm sure someone will read it. In the meantime, help yourself to a goulash, bisque, or some ice cream.
The living world episode "The Head of the Snake" is required for this cat.
Hey there, I could use a little help. Naturally, I made it to the top of this ninja tower with ease, but I just remembered that I was going to bring a fish up here. I could go back for a piranha myself, but then again, if you're offering, then I won't stop you. I'm sure it won't be any trouble at all.
This cat is only available during the Super Adventure Festival.